Wislawa Szymborska: Nothing of the Ordinary: Mark Ordon in conversation with the Nobel Laureate’s personal secretary, Michal Rusinek

Mark Ordon interviews Michał Rusinek, personal secretary to the Polish poet Wisława Szymborska.

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An Interview with Maryse Condé

  It would be easy for a book set during the Salem Witch Trials to disintegrate into yet another western racial pastiche where the character of Tituba remains a culturally unimportant shadow in the background of a privileged white morality play.  Yet in the strong, capable hands of French (Guadoluopean) author Maryse Condé, Tituba at […]

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The Caterpillars: Executive Director Tarsha Semakula on creating a documentary about contemporary female Ghanaian writers, poets, and performers

There is an exciting women’s spoken word scene in Ghana, and it is growing by the day. In 2004, In Ghana, The Gender and Child Policy was launched to address the issue of gender inequality, women’s empowerment and problems and challenges affecting children… Over a decade has passed since this policy was introduced. So how […]

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