Pavan Trikutan

Pavan Trikutan


Why focus on women’s literature?

The western canon often disenfranchises women authors; sometimes the world does. Perhaps this space can make up for some of that, in a forum which is reader-friendly, peer-reviewed, collaborative, and absent of the politics of literary misogyny and cultural omission.

The result is this website; an online journal which discusses the best writing by women in all genres worldwide.

Please join us and consider writing or vlogging about your favorite authors and works by women

Welcome to Thornfield. The door is open!



What about the name?

The Thornfield Review is named in honor of Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, who wrote under the male pseudonym Currer Bell. Bronte’s novel features a strong female protagonist (Jane). It questions social infrastructure and its injustices, presents us with the problematic, unconventional and eternal figure of the madwoman in the attic (Bertha), a wonderful Byronic hero (Rochester) and manages to tell one hell of a love story amid the crumbling ruins of an old world aristocratic order in the guise of the evocative Thornfield Hall. For us, Jane Eyre has got it all and is just plain fab!

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