Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

Reviewer: Barry Pierce, Cork, Ireland.

Hey Folks-
Today, we’re thrilled to introduce our first guest book reviewer…vlogger extraordinaire, Barry Pierce, who hails from County Cork, Ireland!
Barry’s reviewed hundreds of books across social media over the past several years. As well, he’s got a successful book blog called  The Visitor, which you yourself can visit here.
Barry’s wicked sense of humor (which immediately drew us in) has earned him a very loyal following. He’s very graciously agreed to share some of his reviews with us, of selected books by women authors.
Says Barry of his commentary, “I have a generally cynical and nihilistic view on pretty much everything so don’t subscribe if you like sunshine and lollipops and what-not. I (attempt) to review books, I talk about films that nobody’s heard of and I sometimes bake, because I can.”
You can also find him on YouTube, at his channel, Bazpierce.
Today we welcome him to Thornfield with his review of Jane Eyre, by author Charlotte Bronte, which we think is quite fitting, given not only the name of our site but also the fact that Jane Eyre is celebrating its Centenary year.
Yay, Barry! Welcome to The Thornfield Review!


(Spoiler: review contains some explicit language)

More book club information on Jane Eyre coming soon.


Readers and viewers!

Why not keep the conversation going? What did you think of Jane Eyre?  Let us know. Better yet, why not send us your own vlog/book review? We’d love to hear from you! Contact us on our Facebook page, for details.

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