Submission Guidelines



Write for The Thornfield Review

What we are especially looking for right now:

  • Guest blogs about favorite works of  women’s nonfiction: women’s essays, memoir, biography, history, science or travel writing.

  • Guest blogs and vlogs on excellent novels and poetry by women.

    See our narrative fiction and poetry lists for inspiration.

    Our Beliefs

    1. We create together to celebrate women authors worldwide.
    2. We believe women’s literature deserves a bigger conversation.
    1. We are honest, empathetic and considerate team players.
    2. We know we don’t need to love a book but we do need to be thoughtful and respectful in our commentary.


Anyone from anywhere of any cultural or gender identification is welcome to submit fiction or nonfiction reviews of the works of women authors. We want to hear from everyone. Do you love something that was written by a women?

 . . .talk to us . . .let’s keep the conversation growing!

Please message The Thornfield Review on Facebook with a query. Thank you 🙂